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Have you suffered a broken heart? Or have you broken someone else's heart? We delve into why it's important to have a time of healing after a heartbreak and allowing yourself time to move forward in a way that you learn, grow and develop ready to take on whatever life throws at you! Starring: Chelsea Pritchard and Jordan Christian.


Presented by Zikel Notice and Sandeep Louise Bhardwaj, “Keeping It Real: Relationships” will discuss real issues surrounding relationships such as identity, commitment, celibacy, sex and heartbreak. We hope the web series will help people to understand their individual value and real purpose and then take on a relationship in a meaningful and fun way. We hope to share delve into what it really means to commit to someone and plan to share life with that person and do more than just have sex.

We provide entertainment, insightful discussions, advice and guidance for those who are searching for more than just a fling.

This whole concept was started after project manager and presenter of the series, Sandeep found herself at university discussing these topics amongst students and seeing a deeper need and intrinsic search for love from particularly young male students. From hearing the realities of “playing the game” and struggles of finding the “right girl” or “right guy”, here came the solution of figuring out who you are, what your aspirations are and where a true meaningful loving relationship fits into all of that...

Let’s Keep it Real with Relationships!