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Keeping It Real: Relationships


Episode 1: Identity

In this episode, we delve into how and why knowing your identity can help you in having and pursuing a healthy successful relationship. Presented by our fabulous Sandeep Louise Bhardwaj, Starring James O'Connell and Marshall Myajeka.

Episode 2: Commitment and Loyalty

Is commitment necessary to make a relationship work? Is marriage a sign of commitment for relationships in our generation? Check out what our guests had to say all about commitment in the second episode of Keeping it Real: Relationships! Starring John Cooper and Nitasha Christian.

Episode 3: Celibacy

Sex and celibacy? Which would you choose? Check out the third episode on celibacy and polyamory and see what Rhys Parsons and Carin Adanlete had to say on the matter, presented by Sandeep and Zikel.

Episode 4: Heartbreak

Have you suffered a broken heart? Or have you broken someone else's heart? We delve into why it's important to have a time of healing after a heartbreak and allowing yourself time to move forward in a way that you learn, grow and develop ready to take on whatever life throws at you! Starring: Chelsea Pritchard and Jordan Christian.